Hello Mumbai

“Hello Mumbai” is a glimpse of the zoetic life in Mumbai that I had written way back in 1999 when I was twenty five years of age and trying to find a foothold in the rush city. I would like to share whatever left of the writing that surfaced while dusting the old book shelves... Continue Reading →

64 Flames of Disaster

Being a worker in the development sector keeps me travel-ready always. A recent UNICEF study on child rights situation took me to a village called “Kankadia” of Kendrapara district in coastal Odisha. The team was filled with a researcher’s enthusiasm in anticipation of finding some quality information. What we got there instead, was a first-hand... Continue Reading →

happy new year

seeing dreams surfing the waves, seeing memories taking the winds, hoping wishes to wear reality as 2008 passes by and 2009 taking guard may the best be in store for all of us!

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