Befikre City

9350767c-1601-4910-8de0-e39e20cba610_postPhoto Courtesy: Shutterstock

Coming back to Hyderabad though on an official visit after a gap of six years gives me a feeling of Deja Vu! More than the signature places like the Charminar or the Husain Sagar what gets me going is the busy intersections, roads and flyovers, buildings old and new, business and visitors, tradition and modernity, culture and cuisine, people and ideas, crisscrossing auto rickshaws, buses, vehicles of the rich and the poor, the OLAs and UBERs, every living thing and inanimate objects too brimming with life with a distinct doodle. That small cafe you find almost at every corner of the streets offering plate Puri, Dosa, Idli, Bada, Sambar but you have to get a token first to order anything. Nowhere else in India is found that typical satisfaction of gorging on the kebabs and biryani. And nothing is ever complete without the chuski from the cutting Irani Chai ka pyalaa and a befikre bite at Osmania biscuits.

Source: Befikre City

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