Fly me a kite sweetheart

tis the season of kites … and soaring emotions


Like a falcon hovering around,

My dreams fastened with gossamer’s thread,

Gazing below the city profound.

Bridle gently, with love, with zing,

My life doing an aerial ballet,

Gliding smoothly, sharply spinning.

Immersed in a song of destiny – a new song,

My hands reaching out with viscosity,

Waiting for you…waiting long.

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My First Book Review

The Aftermath: Women In Post-Conflict Transformation Editors: Meintjes, Sheila; Pillay, Anu; and Turshen, Meredeth Paperback, 2002; 258 pages; Zed Books Ltd, London and New York ISBN: Hb 1 84277 066 7 Pb 1 84277 067 5 Women and children displaced by conflict in a camp in Azerbaijan. © UNFPA Azerbaijan. Photo by Farid Khayrulin.  War... Continue Reading →

Befikre City

Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock Coming back to Hyderabad though on an official visit after a gap of six years gives me a feeling of Deja Vu! More than the signature places like the Charminar or the Husain Sagar what gets me going is the busy intersections, roads and flyovers, buildings old and new, business and visitors,... Continue Reading →

Keonjhar Goes International Best Practices of Mukundapur patna gp has been selected for presentation at BRICS meet at Chochi in Kerela. It has also been published in their Newsletter. The GP has got an international recognition. Source: Keonjhar Goes International

Hello Mumbai

“Hello Mumbai” is a glimpse of the zoetic life in Mumbai that I had written way back in 1999 when I was twenty five years of age and trying to find a foothold in the rush city. I would like to share whatever left of the writing that surfaced while dusting the old book shelves... Continue Reading →

Desperate Living

Desperate Living Calls For Desperate Measures! 110 goats perished in the flood in the year 2011 and with that his will to survive. Residing in the flood prone Dholamara village of Rajnagar Block in Kendrapara district of Odisha, Arjuna Patra, a forty year old father of five children, and his wife, wishes their lives away.... Continue Reading →

64 Flames of Disaster

Being a worker in the development sector keeps me travel-ready always. A recent UNICEF study on child rights situation took me to a village called “Kankadia” of Kendrapara district in coastal Odisha. The team was filled with a researcher’s enthusiasm in anticipation of finding some quality information. What we got there instead, was a first-hand... Continue Reading →

The Frog and the Nightingale by Vikram Seth.

Once upon a time a frog Croaked away in Bingle Bog Every night from dusk to dawn He croaked awn and awn and awn Other creatures loathed his voice, But, alas, they had no choice, And the crass cacophony Blared out from the sumac tree At whose foot the frog each night Minstrelled on till... Continue Reading →

ploce Duncan speaks to Lady Macbeth about love and thanks her for the 'trouble' of hosting his visit: The love that follows us sometimes is our trouble Which still we thank as love. Herein I teach you How you shall bid God 'ild us for your pains, And thank us for your trouble." Paul Pellikka;... Continue Reading →

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